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Simulator - The Driving Experience

The GP Extreme store is equipped with professional Base Performance Simulators (BPS) that take you in a heart pumping experience of what it feels like blasting the car on the racetrack.

It was led by Double Le Mans winning Aston Martin factory driver, Darren Turner.

For a professional drivers it is a great chance to improve their driving technique and lap time. For an amateur - to gain these techniques.

Corporate Events: Our state of the art Base Performance Simulators will give you a totally immersive experience. With sole use of a BPS simulator, a group of 6-10 people can get exclusive insight into the world of the racing driver.

Go head-to-head against your friends to see who is fastest. Take advantage of our BPS simulators and end your day with a multi-player race. Over the course of the event you will be astounded by the improvement in your lap times.

Get your race face on. Once you strap in, there is no turning back. The power to speed like a true champion is in your hands!

Formula 1 & GT Cars - The Driving Experience

Are you ready for the ultimate driving experience?

The GP Extreme Driving Experience gives you a jam-packed day of excitement on the racetrack. This is an entire day of hitting the racetracks in a single seater car and a super fast Formula One racing car, the Benetton B196.

With a top speed of 200mph/260 kmh and 0-60 in just 2.8seconds, this is an adrenaline rush that will thrill any racing fan. The action packed day begins with a comprehensive safety briefing. Up next is a one-on-one session of instructional laps in a sports saloon car. This is followed by assessed practice laps with you driving the same vehicle. Then it's time to shift gears for a faster driving experience.

You strap in behind the wheel of a race spec GT car for high-speed laps then get ready for more in a single seater. A debriefing with your instructor and telemetry analysis follows each driving session.

Finally, it's the moment that you have been training for... the driving experience of your life inside the real ex-Grand Prix F1 car, the Benetton B196! This is the same F1 car that was driven by Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger in the 1996 Formula 1 Championships.

This is a full day motor racing that will give any racing fan the most memorable laps behind the wheel ever. It's the real deal. Real power, exciting handling and heart pumping speed!

Join us for an adrenaline-filled day that includes lunch and a taste actual power in your hands.

Treat yourself to this unforgettable experience or buy it for a friend!

Formula One Driver Requirements

Minimum age: 18
Height Min: 5' 0" / 152 cm
Height Max: 6' 4" / 193 cm
Max Weight: 114 kg
Max Chest and Upper arm Girth: 54" / 137 cm
Driving Licence: A full driving licence must have been held for a minimum of 36 months and need to be produced on the day of your experience

The Unique Driving Experience

GP Extreme gives motorsport lovers the chance to make the dream of driving a race car an exciting reality.

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