1974 Amon AF 101

In 1974, Chris Amon and designer Gordon Fowell produced a race car that boasted an innovative design. The AF101, named after its constructor and designer (A for Amon and F for Fowell).

The remarkable design featured the fuel tank being positioned between the cockpit and the engine in a single tank. The single tank design was to put the weight of the fuel much lower in the car and its centre. This positioning helped to make the car much more neutral.

Other notable changes included a wide, wedge-shaped nose, which wasn't that uncommon at the time and, a contoured upper portion that was rare. Despite these striking new features, the design was later abandoned for a more conventional layout.

The AF101 debuted during the fourth round at the Formula One World Championships Spanish Grand Prix in 1974. Its final race was at the 1974 Italian Grand Prix. There is only one AF101 car in the world

Notable drivers

Chris Amon

Larry Perkins


  • Brakes Disc
  • Chassis Aluminium Monocoque
  • Constructor Chris Amon Racing
  • Debut 1974 Spanish Grand Prix
  • Displacement 2,993 cc | 183 cu in. | 3.0 L.
  • Engine Configuration Ford-Cosworth DFV 90° V8
  • Engine Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
  • Power 331Kw @ 10800 min - 1
  • Production 1974
  • Transmission 5 Manual Hewland FG/400
  • Weight 1256 kg
  • Wheel Base 2,540 mm