1980 Martini MK31

The MK31 comes from a series of largely successful cars on the F3 racing circuit. Renault “Tico” Martini designed the first Martini F3 for the Winfield School at Magny-Course.

The Knight brothers owned the Winfield School as such; all of the cars that followed were either MW representing Martini-Winfield or MK for Martini-Knight.

This was followed by a succession of F3, Formule France and Formule Renault cars depending on what the French market demanded at the time.

The MK31 maintained the popular simplistic Martini design and was supported by a Toyota engine. The car’s strengths included its power on tight and twisty tracks, which contributed largely to its success in securing three one-two finishes in the first part of the 1980 racing season.

F3 racing champion, Alain Ferté drove the MK27/31 to a victorious win at the French Championship.

Notable entrants: European Championship

Notable drivers:  Alain Ferté 


  • Chassis Monocoque
  • Constructor Knight Brothers
  • Debut 1980 French F3 Championship
  • Displacement None
  • Drive Type RWD
  • Engine Configuration Toyota
  • Engine Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
  • Front Suspension wishbone
  • Production 1980
  • Rear Suspension wishbone
  • Transmission Manual
  • Weight 443 kg