1996 Minardi M195 B

The Minardi M195B made its debut at the 1995 Brazilian Grand Prix. It has competed in numerous Formula One races where reputable racing drivers such as Pierluigi Martini, Pedro Lamy, Giancarlo Fisichella, Tarso Marques and Giovanni Lavaggi drove it.

Despite a brief circuit racing history, this car has a number of historic F1 races to its name. Racecar lovers, who are huge fans of the sport, will remember the Minardi team as one of the more amicable teams on the circuit boasting a cost-effective yet impressively designed racecar.

Notable entrants: Minardi Scuderia Italia

Notable drivers Pierluigi Martini 

Pedro Lamy 

Giancarlo Fisichella 

Parso Marques 

Giovanni Lavaggi 


  • Brakes Disc
  • Chassis Carbon-fibre Monocoque
  • Constructor Minardi
  • Debut 1995 Brazilian Grand Prix
  • Displacement 2994 cc | 183 cu in| 3 L
  • Drive Type RWD
  • Engine Configuration Ford ED2/ED3 V8 75°
  • Engine Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
  • Front Suspension Double wishbones, pushrod
  • Power 640 Hp @ 13500 min-1
  • Production 1995 - 1996
  • Rear Suspension Double wishbones, pushrod
  • Transmission Xtrac 6-speed semi-automatic
  • Weight 537 kg
  • Wheel Base 2853 mm