1999 Prost AP02

The AP02 is the 2nd in the series of AP racecars designed for Prost Grand Prix. After racing the AP01 in the previous season, Prost added the talented and successful John Barnard to his engineering staff.

Barnard was tasked with creating effective upgrades on the initial design of the AP01 in order to make it more competitive. The result: the AP02, which featured a conventional design and distinguishable small wings mounted on the side pods.

Handled by Olivier Panis and Jarno Trulli, AP02 showed a lot of promise. It gifted Trulli with his first podium in 2nd place at the 1999 European Grand Prix.

Today, GP Extreme owns the 1999 Prost AP 02 chassis # 03 & 06.

Notable entrants: Gauloises Prost Peugeot

Notable drivers:

Olivier Panis 

Jarno Trulli 


  • Brakes Carbon ceramic discs
  • Chassis Carbon-fibre Monocoque
  • Constructor Prost
  • Debut 1999 Australian Grand Prix
  • Displacement 2,998 cc | 182 cu in. | 3 L.
  • Drive Type RWD
  • Engine Configuration Peugeot A18, 72° V10
  • Engine Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
  • Front Suspension Double wishbones, pushrod
  • Power 780 Hp @ 15700 min-1
  • Production 1999
  • Rear Suspension Double wishbones, pushrod
  • Transmission Prost 6-speed semi-automatic
  • Weight 505 kg
  • Wheel Base 2,795 mm