2012 Lola B12/80

Lola is a Le Mans Prototype built by Lola Cars International. The company has won several racing competitions including the Indianapolis 500, the F3000 World Championship, CAN AM series.

Lola Car has almost 60 years experience in racecar construction. They have also built several F1 chassis.

The 2012 Lola B12/80 is among the first closed-cockpit sports prototypes built by Lola since the T92/10 of 1992. Status Grand Prix used an upgraded B12/80 in the 2012 European Le Mans Series season. The team secured 6thposition in the teams championship with 15 points.

Constructors who have raced B12/80s include Gulf Racing, who ran a pair of B12/80s in the WEC and Dempsey Racing in the ALMS. Black Swan Racing also ran the former 2011 Level 5 B11/80. Until recently, the Lola B12/80 was a fixture in Le Mans Prototype racing.

Notable drivers:

Fabien Giroix 

Frederic Fatien 

Keiko Ihara 

Stefan Johansson 

Jean-Denis – Deletraz 


  • Brakes Hitco Carbon
  • Chassis Carbon-fibre Monocoque
  • Constructor Lola Cars International
  • Displacement 494 cc | 146 cu in. |2.4 L
  • Engine Configuration Nissan VK45DE 4.51 90° V8
  • Engine Location None
  • Front Suspension Double wishbones, pushrod
  • Power 450 hp
  • Production 2012
  • Rear Suspension Double wishbones, pushrod
  • Transmission Lola 6-speed Manual
  • Weight 900kg