2013 Marussia MR02

The 2013 Marussia MR02 has a simple but sleek design. It is the first of Marussia’s race cars to have used KERS because of its performance advantage.

Through various partnerships with Williams Advanced Engineering, McLaren Applied Technologies and Xtrac, the MR02 showed a number of improvements in its overall design and handling that made it a favourable competitor for its debut season.

Driven by French (former) racing driver Jules Bianchi and British racing driver Max Clinton, the MR02 was successful in retaining the Marussia F1 Team’s position at the World Constructor Championships.

Notable entrants: Marussia F1 Team

Notable drivers

Jules Bianchi 

Max Clinton 


  • Brakes Hitco Carbon
  • Chassis Carbon-fibre Monocoque
  • Constructor Marussia
  • Debut 2013 Australian Grand Prix
  • Displacement 2, 400 cc | 146 cu in. |2.4 L
  • Engine Configuration Cosworth CA2013K 90° V8
  • Engine Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
  • Front Suspension Double wishbones, pushrod
  • Power 18,000 RPM
  • Production 2013 only
  • Rear Suspension Double wishbones, pushrod
  • Transmission 7-speed semi automatic
  • Weight 640 kg
  • Wheel Base 3,400 mm