A team you can trust

We provide motorsports lovers with the opportunity to experience the ultimate driving experience in a classic Formula One car on a racetrack. Our store boasts brand-name apparel, watches & miniature high-end collector model cars among other great offerings.

GP Extreme Team 

The GP Extreme team consists of talented, friendly and experienced professionals, who are specialists in the field of motorsports and circuit racing.
GP Extreme manages an impressive fleet of Formula One racecars that are in superb racing condition. Our workshop and offices are easily accessible as a result of our central location in Dubai.
We want everyone who loves racing or has an interest in motorsports, and would love to test-drive a Formula One car to try our Driving Experience.
Our mandate is to ensure that our clients have a safe, exciting and memorable experience with us.
  • Laurent BOUVIERLaurent BOUVIERChief Mechanic

    "On a daily basis, I’m in-charge of 4 technicians. I motivate our team to ensure targets and deadlines are clearly understood and are being achieved. My other functions include monitoring staff performance and time keeping. I also act as the immediate point of reference for any problems." - Laurent Bouvier

  • St├ęphane CLAINSt├ęphane CLAINDirector Sales and Marketing

    "We are here to help our clients to have an amazing driving experience with us by supplying the product ranges and services they want, and the friendly advice they need." - Stéphane Clain

  • Natalia KRAVCHENKONatalia KRAVCHENKOHospitality Manager

    "I enjoy participating in the races and car testing events with my team. My goal is to ensure that guests are served a quality product in a clean and friendly environment. I also want our guests to enjoy fantastic service and a driving experience that will have them craving for more." - Natalia Kravchenko

  • Florent PATINOTEFlorent PATINOTEElectronic and Race Engineer GP Extreme Workshop Manager, Burgundy, France

    "Being an Electronic and Race Engineer has given me many opportunities to do what I love, especially when it comes to racecars. My job involves intimate knowledge of what our drivers require in order to be successful in their races. Having an extensive background on the racing circuits, I have provided technical support at the historic Monaco Grand Prix 2014 with two Formula 1 cars of 1974 and 1976 (Hesketh 308B and Surtees TS19). I have also supported races to the Formula 1 at Singapore Grand Prix, United States Grand Prix and Mexico Grand Prix with the Hesketh 308B. As the GP Extreme Workshop Manager, I have built a new workshop to service all our ex-Formula 1 cars. My primary goal is to achieve the best performance from the vehicle and from the driver at the racetrack." - Florent Patinote

  • Christian PAGESChristian PAGESComposites Engineer

    "My goals is to develop processes and specify equipment for new carbon fiber products and existing product support." - Christian Pages