Professional GT racing team

Founded in 2015, GPX Racing is a professional racing team, officially backed by Porsche Motorsports to compete in the highest level of GT Class racing

Our professional GT racing team will be pushing our 911 GT3R Porsche to the edge for the 2022 season. We will be competing in the Intercontinental GT Challenge and aiming to improve our performance in all aspects for this fourth year of our partnership with Porsche as a customer racing team.

24H Spa
24H Dubai
Coppa Florio
1000KM Paul
Ricard Winner
IGTC Champion
with Porsche
Bassam Kronfli
Thomas Preining
Hervé Ordioni
Jeremy Loisel
Kevin Estre
Carmen Jorda
Alain Ferte
Stuart Hall
Earl Bamber
Axcil Jefferies
Jean-Pierre Valentini
Dirk Werner
David Smet
Julien Andlauer
Alban Varutti
Josh Webster
Mathieu Jaminet
Frédéric Fatien
Louis Deletraz
Valentin Simonet
Alfred Renauer
Pierre-Brice Mena
Dennis Olsen
Roald Goethe
Richard Lietz
Michael Christensen
Tizziano Carugati
Jordan Grogor
Matt Campbell
Klaus Bachler
Alexandre Cougnaud
Anthony Beltoise
Patrick Pilet
Amna Al Qubaisi
Stanislav Minsky
Nico Pronk
Benjamin Goethe
Nicky Pastorelli
Romain Dumas

GPX Racing Ventures



The academy is our initiative to train, support and develop younger drivers to become successful professional pilots. Our experienced team share their experience and knowledge with a new generation, aiming to make them the best they can be.



Besides our professional GT racing team, we participate in sim racing with eGPX, particularly the SRO E-Sports GT Series. eGPX was the first championship winner of the series back in 2020.

Carbon Doc

Carbon Doc is a specialized service unit of carbon reparation and tailormade creation

We offer specialized carbon-fibre repair services, from small, detailed parts to larger pieces like spoilers, splitters and more.
Our specialists can help you design carbon-fibre parts for your vehicle and can assist you from conception to production.
Your ideas can now come to life; just ask one of our experts to help make your idea a reality. Prototyping will allow you to better understand existing or unforeseen issues with your carbon panels and parts.